Incident Reporting


Web Based Incident Reporting and Tracking

Most incident reporting systems can be adapted to report data in various ways, however CaseGlobal works directly with you to determine what information is gathered and how that information is reported. Need your security or building management personnel to enter the temperature reading of a water heater on the 3rd floor? CaseGlobal can easily change the input fields for one location or all of them. We'll even handle the communication of those changes throughout your organization. We recognize that no two programs are alike, often within the same organization. Our approach allows you to capture the information you need in a format that suits your preferences. Need every site to report the same information? This is your opportunity to even further standardize your programs.

CaseGlobal's secure web-based application includes the following features:

  • Central database based on SQL Server
  • Identify patterns regarding security events
  • Real time management reports
  • Event driven notification system
  • Loss prevention reports
  • Advanced search engine

CaseGlobal's practical approach to incident reporting is further enhanced by our AlwaysOn Command Center which monitors reports for significant events. Based on criteria set by you during the implementation phase, CaseGlobal command center personnel will notify you in a method that best suits your organization.