Guard Tracking / Management Systems


Guard Tracking / Management Systems

Our special ability to deploy, track, supervise, and support our employees and client accounts is demonstrated in the number of diverse, service-intensive, multi-venue contracts that require high volume client interaction.

For each of these sites, PSC remains in close communication with our staff to assure they are provided the resources for success in their assignment. We track the results through our (1) CASE Global Incident Management Software System, (2) Dispatch Software System, (3) HR Software System, (4) GPS for Vehicles, (5) Guard Tour System and (6) Biometric Time Clock.  These tools and resources help clients and us with our management strategies.  These same techniques will be implemented in our work with the Promenade.

These systems will track our progress by showing our post coverage (patrol, breaks, lunch, start and end of shift, etc.). At the end of each shift, the data is downloaded into a computer system where it is checked and scrutinized. This is part of our transparency and accountability.

PSC owns created and utilizes CASE Global, a web-based real-time Incident Management reporting, tracking & notification system which is certified by Homeland Security through the Safety Act. Clients can get an email notification to their computer or cell phone as an incident occurs in real-time with an incident type and link to a full report. Clients can also run statistical analysis reports to see how many incidents at a location, how many slip & falls, thefts, vandalism, etc.

  1. CASE Electronic Folder – software is certified by Homeland Security through the Safety Act. Collaboration and management tool for planning and emergency response infrastructure for CASE Global Electronic Folder was designed for multiple locations and will fit perfectly in your environment. Client will benefit from the ability to access all its locations from virtually anywhere. This structure allows for all levels of management, security, Police Department and Fire Department personnel to access critical information.  Client will have access to every evacuation route, crisis response plans, facility layouts, operations manual, and other important information about each facility.
  2. PSC owns, created and utilizes a Dispatch Software System to monitor our officers shift arrival time, lunch and end of shift departure times. A report can be generated for a client at a moment’s notice. We also can use time clocks. (Accountability and Transparency)
  3. PSC owns, created and utilizes an HR Software System that monitors the expiration of Guard Cards, Driver’s License, Security and Driver Training Modules & Certifications, Vehicle Maintenance and Registrations. The system will automatically notify us 30 days before expiration and is monitored by the respective site locations and corporate office.  A report can be generated for a client at a moment’s notice. (Accountability and Transparency)
  4. PSC uses Cell Phone GPS Technology for tracking our Security Vehicles. Online access allows you to view a driving history and to ensure coverage at each post/zone.
  5. PSC implores a Guard Tour System to show proof of coverage at each post for interior and exterior locations. At the end of a shift, the data is downloaded into a computer system where it can be monitored, checked and scrutinized by the site supervisor and/or corporate office. (Accountability and Transparency).  This system is designed to assist management to ensure security officers are patrolling where they are deployed AND as a liability reduction tool for the client because it can prove that the facility maintains adequate security services patrolling the entire property 24 hours a day.
  6. PSC also utilizes a biometric clock for time-keeping. This system helps maintain precise time of performance, improves accuracy, eliminates fraud, and helps decrease and monitor closely overtime. (Accountability and Transparency)