CaseMobile Application


CaseMobile Application

Smart Phone & Tablet Applications

Our technology group Case Global provides the latest solutions to emergency communications that enhance crisis management, response time and situational awareness. We provide solutions specifically designed for end-to-end crisis notification and incident management.

CaseMobile in Action

Turn your smartphone into a safePHONE™. Assistance will be available with a touch of a button.

Case Alert

Two way crisis notification system.

Security Alert & 911
Simultaneously connects you with 911, local security and preselected team of first responders.

GeoFenced SafeZONE™
When you enter a SafeZONE™ powered by CaseGlobal you can rest assure that security is a touch away.

Crisis Collaboration
With CaseMobile crisis responders can collaborate sharing the right information at the most critical time.

Workforce Management

View your Workforce in Real Time

A total integrated solution to workforce management.

Accurate insight into workforce performance & compliance. Monitor the team in real time throughout the environment.

Track team productivity, monitor location, delegate tasks, & notify of compliance.

Reduce risk and adjust operations based on indoor heat maps. Filter disclosure by type of incident or party involved.

Mobile Incident Tracking System

Track, Analyze, Report

Advance incident tracking provides powerful tools to report, manage, and resolve incidents in a timely manner.

Case Global’s powerful visualization technology allows security, risk management, and loss prevention incidents to be plotted on phyiscal maps of your locations so that critical trends may be identified, and acted upon now.