Ambassador Program


Ambassador Program

Beyond security is security services with a smile!

PSC private security officers not only patrol the grounds, they double as hospitality hosts. Officers make visitors feel welcome and safe — and that keeps them coming back. Unarmed security ambassadors answer questions, provide directions, quell disturbances, deal with vagrants and move along panhandlers and other unwelcome guests. This allows you to offer a friendlier, informative and safer environment that represents the high standards for your community.

With our CaseGlobal technology mobile software, activities are tracked as crimes are occurring and investigated keeping you well informed real-time.

The Ambassador program goes hand in hand with our philosophy of being a part of the community. We learn the unique needs of your community and together develop a specialized and comprehensive solution plan that will result in cost efficiency and improved productivity and more importantly, your visitors safety, guest experience and well being.


Primary Ambassador Roles:

  • Assist the public with directions, inquiries about the district, its businesses and its services.
  • Respond to calls concerning specific incidents like suspicious behavior, tourists looking for assistance, first aid situations and similar events.
  • Assisting the homeless providing them with directions to the shelters, free food locations and communicating with rehabilitation centers and outreach resources and personnel.
  • Provide an effective street presence, monitoring and deterring criminal activities in parking facilities and areas accessible to the general public.
  • Report crime and quality of life concerns to appropriate agencies and assist in mitigation.
  • Complete accurate and concise real-time incident reports on issues attended to and follow-up with other agencies to affect resolutions to reported issues.
  • A walking escort service to for employees and visitors to their vehicles where safety may be a concern and feasible.